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Danny Ellis Testimony


I took, Chlorpromazine, a medicine for mental illness which worked very well in the past for getting rid of hiccups. This time, however, there were people dancing around in my head, having conversations without my permission, what were they talking about, I couldn’t figure it out…. go away, go away, get out of here, where was I?


It all began a few weeks ago. I lay on my back, tossing, turning, wondering if there was any light at the end of the tunnel. I was in the hospital with pneumonia and a hopeless case of hiccups that haunted me for over a week. The doctors told me that my pneumonia was in my left lung and sitting right on my diaphragm. I had some serious questions, but I kept on praying. I know God can heal me; I know He can bring this to an end. Yet, the doubts kept surfacing.


“Mr Ellis what? Wake up and turn over, we need to take your vitals. Give me your other arm, I going to give U another needle, it’s going to hurt.” This was happening every two hours just as I finally fell into a deep sleep. “Mr. Ellis, wake up, we bought you some breakfast.” What, I’m trying to sleep plus I’ve lost my appetite. I haven’t eaten in a couple of days. “Mr. Ellis, I’m nurse So and So and I’m here to help you eat your breakfast. Oh, where did it go?” I guess I woke up long enough to eat it. “There was none left” she said, “You ate it all”. Wow, hope I didn’t lick the plate, I can’t remember.


But now, a week later, I’m searching for an appropriate Name for The God Who Sticks with You and Never Leaves Your Side. He made me stronger with a stronger appetite than ever…. only God and His Presence. How can I say Thank- you enough…I don’t know how.


Last week this time I was fighting for my breath, not able to say more than 3 words at a time. Now, I’m back to normal, speaking whole sentences. “Praise The Lord!!!” I need a name for The God Who Holds Back the Pain. You should realized that throughout this whole ordeal, from the moment I was admitted to the hospital, the doctors and nurses insisted on giving me something for pain that I don’t felt. The nurses insisted that the one thing everyone has in your condition is pain. How could you not have pain! The pneumonia is sitting on your diaphragm and it’s hard for you to breath. That has to be very painful. I kept saying I’m not in


pain, a lot of discomfort, but no pain. We’ll give you pain medicine, you may be delusional from everything that’s going on. “No pain guys, I don’t want pain medicine thank-you.” God held back the pain. So God I give you my life one more time again, this time more completely. It’s Yours, You paid for it over and over again. I Thank You over and over and over again!!!!!!!!

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