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Bladensburg Church is part of the world-wide organization of Seventh-day Adventists with more than 17 million members in countries around the world.


​We, the Bladensburg Seventh-day Adventist Church, by the power of the Holy Spirit, exist to minister to the needs of people in our homes, and in our church.

We seek to do this by showing people that Jesus is the solution for any situation.


We Value Excellence
We value maintaining the highest of ministry standards that bring glory and honor to God.

​We Value Prayer
We value the power of communicating with God; and realize that nothing happens in our church unless powered by prayer.

We Value People
We value all people of all diversities; seeing them as God does. We value ministering to their needs and helping to foster their spiritual growth.

We Value Our Community
We value our responsibility to bless those who live in and do business around the area of our church.

We Value the Seventh-day Adventist Message
We value the responsibility to teach the Everlasting Gospel and value the responsibility to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

We Value Discipleship
We value people becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and not being content with simply being members.

We Value Corporate Worship
We value our worship experience together and are committed to an inspiring, Holy Spirit filled and relevant worship experience.

We Value Evangelism
We value the opportunity to present Jesus Christ as Savior to a dying world and invite them to join God’s Kingdom.

We Value Relationships
We value the importance of communicating with and supporting each other in a manner that bespeaks the love, care, forgiveness, and help that we will continuously demonstrate.

We Value Leadership
We value the roles that God has ordained for those chosen to direct the various ministries of this church.


We are a local body of Seventh-day Adventist Christians who began in 1974 in Northeast, DC. Under the leadership of Elder A.R. Jones we began as a small group of believers who believed that God had huge plans for. As we grew, Pastor William Hall came to pastor us and help lead us as we made plans to purchase a church building. Pastor William Thompson then came and was instrumental in naming our church: Bladensburg Seventh-day Adventist Church and under his leadership the church building was renovated. Pastor Ron Edmonds served just two years at our church but created momentum as the Sabbath attendance was full every single week, so much so that there was regular discussion about having two Sabbath services.

In 1993 we received Marcellus Robinson as our pastor. For six years we enjoyed teaching, training, and baptisms. Church continued to increase in weekly attendance. Pastor Crider followed Elder Robinson’s leadership and through his guidance and direction our weekly worship services continued to be inspiring and spirit-filled. January 3, 2003 we received a new blessing. Pastor Brenda Billingy served as our pastor for the next four years and under her leadership we learned so much about financial peace, studying the word of God, and loving one another. Following Pastor Billingy's leadership we received Pastor Noah Washington, under Pastor Washington's leadership we received a passionate and loving study of the word of God. Pastor Washington served as the pastor for the next 7 years.

In January 2016 the Blades received it's current pastor John Melvin Janey Jr.

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