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How do we respond to thrive in the times in which we live?


In times like these when every day we wonder if there is going to be another terrorist attack as our culture becomes more and more anti-Christian.


In times like these when there are school shootings, and violence mentioned on the news almost every day; if not every day.


In times like these when we are paralyzed by a worldwide pandemic, our economy collapsing, and there is fear of a depression on the horizon of economic uncertainty.


In times like these when millions are filing for unemployment and people are scrambling for the essentials of life.


How do we respond?


First, we must still remember that God has not forgotten us; that He is still supplying all of our needs.


And while many people can’t understand how all of this could happen to America, here is what we can do:


  • First, we can share our faith with a perplexed world. As believers in Jesus Christ we know who is in control.

  • ​Second, we can bring hope to a bewildered world.  Christ is our hope and in Him we have peace. We need to tell the world that there is security in Christ and no one else.

  • ​Third, we can share love with a lonely world.  What a golden opportunity for us to be the people we ought to be. Let’s not fail the world or our Lord. Let’s be the light and the salt of our society.

  • ​ Lastly, we can share God’s truth with a world that is being fed a pack of lies.  God’s word is true, and it will stand the test of time, and overcome all opponents.


Our kids are being taught and made to believe by our culture that sexual immorality is acceptable, yet they do not know that their bodies are the temple of God.


They have seen national leaders set bad examples and beat the system. They do not seem to know that we shall all stand before a just and holy God and give account of the lives that we have lived on this earth.


And we wonder why some of them turn out the way that they do.


God help us, and grant us repentance and revival.

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