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What Kind of a Christian Are You? Part 1


Here is my question, “What Kind of Christian Are You?” Are you a thermometer Christian or a Thermostat Christian?


Now, there are two items that measure temperature. One is a Thermometer; it measures the temperature of the body and is usually used to check whether a person has a fever or not.


The other instrument that is used to measure temperature is a Thermostat. An automatic device used for regulating temperature. It measures the temperature of the house, it responds to the temperature of the thermometer, based on its setting. It also has the ability to change the temperature of the house or of a room.


Now Christians can be classified into two groups: Thermometer or Thermostat


Thermometer Christians


Thermometer Christians

Attributes of the Thermometer Christian:


Thermometer Christians, they are referred to as nominal Christians; Christians by name only. Their mental and psychological disposition is always dependent on the environment in which they live. They take on the temperature of their environment.

At church they are holy, kind, patient and considerate, well some are. Away from the church crowd they are rude, crude, impatient, and act like their worldly environment. For example:


  • If the people around them are happy, they are happy.

  • If the people around them are sad, they are sad.

  • If the people around them are excited about evangelism, they are also excited.

  • If the people around them feel lousy, they also become lousy.


    Here are some of their beliefs:


  • They serve only as mirrors of the ideas and concepts of others.

  • If the people around them say that the Ten Commandments are no longer binding, they believe it.

  • If the people around them say that the Sabbath has been changed from Saturday to Sunday, they accept it.

  • If the people around them say that church is not important or that marriage is not important as long as you love the Lord and you love one another, then that’s good enough for them.


Thermometer Christians are less committed to the work of the church. They try to negotiate to the minimum as much as possible, or do nothing at all, always ducking the work, makes excuses for not doing the work. They have all kind of excuses for not doing the work.


Their wardrobe is full of apparel. They are easily lost in the crowd and can easily mingle according to the situation. It is easy for them to blend in. People will say things like “I didn’t know you were a Christian.”


So, “What Kind of Christian Are You?” Read Part 2.

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